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Maintenance of electric garage doors during rain

There are times when you notice that your electric garage door is hard to open on particularly bad weather.  Sometimes you also find it hard to close on certain times. This happens because different kind of weather affects the overall performance of garage doors. This is especially true during the rainy season.

During rainy season is when you should keep your garage in top shape. Your garage door may get damage during rain if you don’t maintain it well. You can save your garage and your money of course by preparing your electric garage door for the wet season.

You should always keep in mind that rain and garage door don’t mix. If you have a wooden garage door, water damage can probably change its shape and size. Aside from that, it can also get heavier compared to when it was first installed. When this happens, there will be too much strain on your garage door opener which can cause damage to the overall garage system.

When the temperature reaches the freezing point, all those rainwater that was collected between the seal of the garage door and floor may freeze causing your garage door to freeze shut. Therefore, you can’t open the door unless the ice melts. You don’t want this to happen.

Well, you can’t avoid rainwater but there are things you can do to maintain your garage door and keep it functioning for a longer time.

  •         Check for cracks and seal it

The first thing you should do for the rainy season is to conduct an overall check on your garage door. Make sure that there aren’t cracks on the floors and walls. If you find cracks, then you should seal it and filled in securely. You may find this process time consuming and maybe exhausting but it will all be worth it. If you do this, you are making sure that water can’t seep in unexpectedly through a crack.

While you are on this, it’s also a good time to look over other areas of the garage that might need fixing. If you make it a habit to look for cracks and other problems of your garage door at least twice a year, then you will save a lot of money from paying repair cost.

  •         Insulate windows

 Windows on garage doors should also be checked regularly. Over time, these window seals can loosen. Also, there are times when animals damage these windows when they try to get in especially during winter.  Take time to wash the windows to check if there are cracks or any damage on the frame, the glass and the sealing. If you need to replace the windows, do so before the rough weather sets in.

You can also put insulator over the windows to make sure that no water can get in.

  •         Make sure that your garage door shuts tightly

Before the rainy season starts, make sure that your garage door closes properly. It should seal and shut tightly. Water can seep in if your garage door is off-track even by a small percentage. So make sure that it is tight as it should be.

These steps are necessary if you want to prolong the life of your garage door.you’ll also be glad if you take these steps and see the importance of garage door maintenance. If you don’t prepare your garage door for the rainy season, the metal components may get damaged. Rusted components of garage doors may cause malfunction on the system. Problems on the garage doors can cause potential risk to you and your family. You also keep your property safe because a damaged garage door is easier to break into, allowing thief or burglar to gain access to your property.

To help you anticipate potential problems and protect your garage door in Sydney from rain especially if you don’t know where to begin, you may need to call a professional garage service. This can help you make an on-point inspection on your garage door and system and identify possible existing problems. Using the knowledge and skills of the technicians, along with their tools and equipment, you can be sure that you can protect your garage from potential damage.

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